The Need for Specialized Engineering Software in the Hotel Industry

In the fast-paced world of hotel management, the choice between specialized engineering software, manual maintenance management, or a generic hotel-wide work order system can be a game-changer.

Here, we delve into why hotels benefit immensely from specialized engineering software, such as Sidekick, and why it outshines manual approaches and one-size-fits-all solutions:

Specialized Engineering Software

Efficiency through Specialization

Generic maintenance systems often lack the hotel-specific features unique to the industry. Specialized software, like Sidekick, is tailor-made for the unique needs of the hospitality industry, resulting in higher efficiency and effectiveness.

Ease of Implementation

Setting up a specialized engineering software is a breeze, with pre-built features and templates designed for hotel operations. Manual systems and generic software require more time and resources to adapt to hotel-specific tasks.

Faster Return on Investment

Specialized engineering software ensures a faster return on investment due to its immediate applicability and ability to streamline processes. Manual methods and generic systems may take longer to demonstrate their worth.

Hotel-Centric Defect Management

Specialized maintenance software like Sidekick offers defect lists and escalation features finely tuned for hotels. This ensures that your defect management aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance

Say goodbye to manual tracking of maintenance routines. Sidekick software comes equipped with a wide range of preventative maintenance routines designed to keep your hotel running smoothly.

Guest-Ready Programs

Hotel-specific software often includes pre-configured programs, like the Perfect Room program, which allows you to deliver an exceptional guest experience effortlessly.

Efficient Rooms Maintenance Checklists

Pre-built rooms maintenance checklists facilitate the hotels of maintenance tasks. Sidekick enables you to raise defects during checklists, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly.

Root Cause Analysis

Specialized Engineering software provides tools for root cause fault analysis, allowing you to pinpoint the reasons behind defects. This insight is crucial for preventing recurring issues.

Financial Management

Sidekick caters to the financial aspects of hotel maintenance, with features for budget tracking, cost control, and asset valuations, ensuring transparency and efficiency in your operations.

Inventory and Spare Parts Management

Linking inventory and spare parts management to defects and planned maintenance is seamless with specialized engineering software. This integration streamlines inventory processes and optimizes efficiency.

Energy, Water, and Utilities Trending and Reporting

Sidekick software includes features for tracking and reporting on energy, water, and utilities consumption. This data provides valuable insights for better decision-making, cost savings, and environmental responsibility.

Efficient Cluster Management

For hotel chains or those managing multiple properties, specialized software often offers cluster management. This allows you to oversee all your sites with a single login, ensuring uniformity in maintenance operations.



In the competitive world of hotels, specialized engineering software is not a luxury but a necessity. It ensures that your maintenance and engineering operations are aligned with the unique needs of the hospitality industry, elevating your efficiency and guest satisfaction. Make the smart choice and invest in specialized engineering software to keep your hotel running smoothly, your guests delighted, and your resource management optimized.




About Q2

For over 25 years Q2 have helped hotels implement effective hotel operations solutions leading to improved guest satisfaction including engineering, planned maintenance, asset management, guest services, housekeeping. Sidekick and ESCAP cloud software platforms ensure that these plans are well designed and well executed, so that hotels can deliver memorable experiences to their guests.

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