Benefits for Hotel Engineer

Streamline Maintenance, Enhance Team Productivity, and Manage Contractors Efficiently

Scheduling and delivering planned maintenance to manage the assets under your care while coordinating reactive work, keeping an eye on energy usage, enhancing team productivity and overseeing contractors is challenging at the best of times. Our cutting-edge hotel operations software is designed to support these critical functions, making it an invaluable tool in your engineering arsenal. And, with functionalities that range from recording and tracking maintenance requests to real-time progress monitoring and automation of work assignments, as well as powerful tools for planned work, asset management and energy management, our software ensures an efficient and productive engineering operation.

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Streamlined Preventative Maintenance

Schedule and monitor preventative maintenance activities with ease​

Our intelligent guestroom checklists and equipment planned maintenance modules allow for thorough, regular inspections, ensuring a premium guest experience. Our software also helps ensure compliance from contractors, enhancing the reliability of your hotel’s infrastructure.

Robust Asset Lifecycle Management

Gain control over the lifecycle of your assets

Make strategic decisions on asset maintenance, replacement, and divestment to protect your investment. Our software provides a clear view of your assets’ condition and usage. This facilitates preventative maintenance schedules, helps forecast replacement needs, and supports informed decisions about asset investment and divestment. This not only preserves the value of your assets but also mitigates interruptions to the guest experience due to asset downtime.

Efficient Coordination and Tracking of Reactive Work

Remove bottlenecks in your workflow with automated assignment and escalation of tasks

Our software allows you to seamlessly record, track, and manage reactive work requests, reducing downtime, ensuring prompt resolution, and increasing your guests’ satisfaction.  This facilitates efficient resource allocation and fast response to maintenance needs.

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Sustainable Energy Management

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

By tracking your energy and utility use down to each individual asset, our software helps you identify priorities to reduce your hotel’s carbon footprint, a value-add that socially-conscious guests appreciate.

Efficient Contractor Management

Keep track of performance & compliance

Manage your contractors effectively, keeping track of their performance, compliance, and contract renewal dates. Our software makes it easy to maintain a comprehensive database of contractors, and assigning work to them, ensuring nothing slips through the cracks.

Productivity Measurement and Enhancement

Track your team's productivity metrics and identify areas of improvement

Our software’s robust analytics and reporting capabilities allow for effective performance management and productivity enhancement, and supports your strategic planning when it comes to resource management.

Insurance policy illustration

Insurance and Lease Renewal Management​

Never miss a deadline again

Stay ahead of important renewal dates with our software’s reminder functionality. This ensures continuity of services and helps maintain compliance.

With all the demands on efficiency and proactive management in your role, our hotel operations software is your trusted ally. It equips you with the tools to streamline engineering operations, enhance team productivity, and maintain an efficient, reliable, and safe hotel infrastructure for the safety, comfort and satisfaction of your guests. Embrace our software and elevate your hotel’s engineering operations to new levels of excellence.

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