Hotel Operations Software purpose-built for IHG

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Escap is a next-generation hotel management system developed by Q2 Solutions to meet the specific needs of IHG.

Premium, Yet Affordable

Built on the latest cloud architecture, Escap delivers a premium, affordable hotel management solution to help you maximize asset life, reduce operational costs, achieve environmental targets, and deliver ROI benefits to your business.

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Best Practice Maintenance

Escap Preventative Maintenance and Reactive Maintenance modules set the world standard in asset maintenance and control, and are supported by a global reporting platform that delivers total operational control at the hotel, regional, and global level.

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An IHG Partnership

Escap was launched in 2006 in partnership with IHG and is currently used in over 300 hotels across 22 countries spanning Greater China, Asia, the Middle East, Australasia, and the South Pacific Islands.

Our solutions were developed in consultation with IHG veterans and leaders in their field, in a relationship that continues today.

Through this partnership, we have ensured that Escap not only delivers best-in-class CMMS but also incorporates built-in IHG Programs including PMM and FPMM to support IHG’s corporate program.

Key Escap Benefits


Built on cloud architecture

Easy to Use

Best-In-Class Mobile App


Built-In PMM & FPMM


Global Reporting Platform


Environmental Support Program


Smart Dashboards


Protects Hotel Reputations


Maximise Asset Life


Higher Guest Satisfaction

Cost Savings

Reduce Cost & Improve ROI

Built In
IHG Mandatory Programs

For engineers

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Best-in-class Mobile App for Productivity on the Go

Escap’s state-of-the-art mobile web application provides total control when you’re on the move. The intuitive interface makes working mobile simply and fast, backed by an offline mode to keep you productive when internet connectivity is unavailable.

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Accessible From Anywhere

Escap’s cloud-based architecture means there’s no software to install and no hardware to manage. Simply open Escap on desktop or mobile mode on any web-enabled computer or device.

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Easy To Use “Smart Icon” Navigation

Navigation is simple and intuitive so you can focus on the job at hand. We’ve adopted the latest interface standards so you can be more productive.

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Manage your Work with Intuitive Operational Dashboards

Available in desktop or mobile mode, our intuitive drill-down dashboards help you manage your workload and conduct root cause analyses, all with the click of a button.

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Multi-Lingual Capability Supporting your Region

Escap is used around the world and supports multiple languages and regions.

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Pre-configured Maintenance Programs to Improve Efficiency and Maintain Corporate Standards

Escap is pre-configured with IHG maintenance programs, including PMM and FPMM programs, so you can be guaranteed you’re meeting corporate standards.

For Owners and Hoteliers

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Preventative Maintenance Module

Maximize your engineering efficiency and deliver a superior guest experience. Escap offers the most comprehensive preventative maintenance system on the market, so your teams are focused on the tasks that matter.

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Reduced Capital and Operational Expense

Escap’s cloud architecture means there’s no requirement for hardware purchases and maintenance.

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Global Reporting Platform

Maintain control of your entire hotel portfolio through Escap’s powerful consolidated reporting and management platform – ‘Escap Portal’.

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Protect Your Reputation

Escap’s enterprise architecture, powered around the globe by Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures data privacy and security

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Protect your Assets and Improve your ROI

Pre-configured maintenance programs to improve efficiency and maintain IHG global standards.

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On-demand training and support

Our dedicated team of industry experts is always available to help you get the most out of Escap.

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