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Founded by hoteliers, BPN's mission is to provide hotels with tools to drive quality across all departments at an affordable rate.

BPN Maestro offers powerful tools helping you to simplify your hotel operations, supporting your frontline staff in working more efficiently while providing the analytics you need to continue improving.

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Powerful tools, detailed reports, affordable pricing for every hotel

Exceed expectations at every touchpoint

BPN Maestro offers powerful tools that help you to simplify your hotel operation, supporting your frontline staff in working more efficiently while providing the analytics you need to continually improve.

Stop wasting time on paperwork and instead focus on what’s really important – your guests.

Duty Manager Logbook | Incident Reporting

No more manual Duty Manager Logbooks. Log guest complaints wherever, whenever with a direct link to your PMS.

No paperwork, immediate problem alerts, daily summary emails and automated check-out alerts for departing guests experiencing problems. All in one place.

  • Automated Email alerts – immediately send an email alert to related departments and generate daily summary emails
  • 150+ Problem Categories – choose from a variety of guest problems and assign follow-up automatically
  • Scorecard Report – keep track of your top problems, trending, member level impact and recommend solutions from the Solution Library
  • Farewell Report – email alert for every departing guest on check-out date

Guest Request Manager

What if your operator could log a guest request in just 3 clicks? Instant SMS alerts to the housekeeper in-charge of the room, item delivery tracking, reminder SMS and daily statistics. No more follow-up calls and manual paperwork, and all the insight you need.
  • Centralize guest requests for all operation departments in 1 screen
  • Engineering/maintenance requests are automatically sent to Sidekick to allocate and respond
  • 300+ Requests – Add your own or choose from 300 different work and guest requests for immediate follow-up
  • Escalation – Set a grace period for each request until the Supervisor / Manager gets alerted automatically
  • Send Later – Schedule guest requests in advance by utilizing the Send Later option and get deliveries / tasks done on time
  • Scorecard Summary – learn your guest’s top requests; delivery time; caller frequency; rush hours; and more all in one place;

Housekeeping Cleaning+

Take advantage of Automated Room Assignments, PMS integration and detailed cleaning & inspection checklists, directly on your mobile phone or desktop device.

Easily manage Room Cleanings and Room Inspections, while leveraging the power of BPN Maestro’s quality tools to easily raise guest complaints, work requests or Lost & Found, all from one app.

  • Real-Time Updates – Get status updates on which rooms have started cleaning or inspection, or were flagged for any issues prior ready for sale.
  • Easy Room Assignment – Select your attendants on duty, choose how many rooms per attendant, click a button, done.
  • Team Sharing – Attendants clean, Supervisors inspect. In your team everyone does everything? Easy… with our Team Assignments where everyone can do everything at every moment, from one shared app.
  • Scorecard Report – detailed staff performance and productivity reports keep you up to date on who cleaned how many rooms and how long it took them.
BPN QR Feedback Cards Code

QR Feedback Cards | In-house Mini Survey

Move on from paper feedback forms and go online in a few clicks with QR Feedback Cards.

Create custom QR codes to collect guest feedback for specific areas and receive valuable insights through targeted mini-surveys in real-time, resolving issues before the guest departs. Any feedback is instantly shared with the respective teams and allows for immediate follow-up of any guest comments.

No need to wait for your post-stay survey to understand how your guests feel, ask specific questions about how your team did and get the feedback you are looking for.

  • Fully Customisable – create as many Feedback Cards as you like and obtain feedback for every step of the guest journey
  • Mini-Surveys – ask the questions that matter and update as you go along when your focus shifts. Choose from 1-10 / 1-5 / Yes or No / Open-Ended Answers for each question
  • Your Brand, Your Design – change the colours, logos, banners, footers, etc. to make the mobile site look like your brand. Fully customisable to reflect your hotel
  • Statistics – Keep track of your scores and identify trending in real-time while keeping your team accountable and on-track with their targets

PostStay Email

Did your guest leave happily? Find out by sending a follow-up email before its too late. Automated post-stay email sent to all your loyal members, satisfaction check and social media referral all in one email. Capture unhappy guests and turn them around while you still can.

  • Automated Email – triggered after the check-out, guests receive a personalized email from the hotel GM
  • Problem Handling – capture negative experiences before they make it online and recover the guest before your GSTS survey arrives
  • Branded design – tailor the format to be in-line with your brand identity
  • Tracking – Track whether guests received, opened and read the email

Courtesy Call Logbook

The Courtesy Call module helps to log and escalate guest problems and requests to the correct teams for follow-up with one click, while keeping the frontline teams aware of any previous problems, allowing you to quickly recover guests before it’s too late.

Keep in touch with your arriving / in-house / departing guests and utilise the integration to the Duty Manager Logbook and Guest Request Manager to gain a holistic view of each guest when calling for feedback.

  • All In One Place – Easily conduct calls to Arriving, In-house or Departing guests, while having their complaints and requests on-hand all in one app
  • Logbook and GRM Integration – called a guest who experienced a problem? Raise a Duty Manager Logbook in one click. Guest has a request? Create a GRM Request from the same view
  • Recycle Non-Pickups – Couldn’t reach a guest? No problem. Flag rooms for a later call or mark their positive / negative feedback for the correct team to follow-up.
  • Statistics & Tracking – Keep aware of how many successful calls were placed, how many positive comments you got and most importantly how many problems guests raised during the call

Flexibile Operational Pricing

Monthly fees per module you can quickly approve - get started in 10 minutes

Flexible modular pricing

Choose your subscription tier or build your own package to suit your requirements.

Grow at any time

Modules can be added quickly and easily.

All inclusive, no hidden extras

Unlimited users, unlimited rooms, and training included

In a service industry where every detail matters, our software is your key to unlocking unparalleled guest satisfaction. With integrated operations and insightful analytics at your fingertips, you can provide an exceptional experience that will keep your guests returning. Let our software pave the path to your hotel’s success, as you continue to offer the remarkable hospitality your guests expect and deserve.

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