Q2 Solutions Hotel Portfolio Management Software

Streamline your property portfolio

Take complete control of your property portfolio with our integrated software, seamlessly managing multiple properties through one efficient platform.

Centralised Control

Manage multiple properties through a single dashboard, enabling efficient and coherent management

Increased Efficiency

Minimise administrative burden by eliminating the need for multiple systems and software

Effective Decision-Making

Access all crucial data at your fingertips, facilitating prompt and informed decision-making

Manage your properties with repeatable processes and experiences

Implement Consistent Standards

Whether you are a hotel owner, manager or a brand, ensure a consistent and superior guest experience across all your properties. With our software, you can easily implement and maintain standards, whether for a single or multiple brands, enabling uniform operations throughout your portfolio.


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Key Features

Macro-level data at your fingertips

Gain group-wide insights

Our software provides a birds-eye view of your entire hotel portfolio, offering group-wide insights and analytics. Get a comprehensive understanding of how your properties are performing and drill-down where and when you need to.


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Key Features

Macro-level data at your fingertips

Advanced user access management

Empower your teams with the right degree of control. Our hotel portfolio management software offers customisable user access, be it at the property, cluster, or entire portfolio level, creating a hierarchy of access and control.


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Key Features

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