Questions to Ask Your Engineering Software Supplier: Ensuring the Right Fit for Your Hotel

In the competitive world of hotel management, the right tools can make all the difference. Specialized engineering software has become essential for maintaining the highest standards in hotel operations. When it comes to choosing the perfect engineering software for your hotel, asking the right questions is crucial.

Here’s a comprehensive list to help you make an informed decision:


1. What percentage of your customers are hotels?

Ensure that the software is tailored for hotels, understanding the industry’s unique language and needs.

2. Can Defect List be Customized to Our Hotel?

Defect lists and escalations should be finely tuned for hotel-specific requirements.

3. Do You Offer a Library Preventative Maintenance Routines?

Having a library of preventative maintenance routines helps in configuring PM routines for your assets and in keeping your hotel in top shape.

4. Are Rooms Maintenance Checklists integrated with Defect Management?

Ensure that pre-built checklists are available and configurable to keep your rooms in perfect condition, and any defects identified in the checklist automatically raise new work orders.

5. Can We Analyze Root Causes of Defects?

Software should provide insights into why defects occur, helping in preventing their recurrence.

6. Is Budget, Costs and Financial Management Covered?

Look for features related to budget tracking, cost control, and asset valuations.

7. How Does the Software Handle Inventory and Spare Parts?

Ensure that inventory management is linked to defects and planned maintenance for maximum efficiency.

8. What’s Your Approach to Cluster Management?

If you manage multiple properties, check if the software offers cluster management for a unified approach.

9. What’s Your User Licensing Model?

Inquire about the software’s user licensing, whether it offers unlimited users or follows a paid licensing structure.

10. What’s the Implementation Process Like?

Ask about the setup process, training requirements, and the expected time to start seeing a return on investment.  Is the implementation and training just for your hotel, or are you grouped in with other customers?

11. How can you obtain Helpdesk support?

Where is the support centre and their operating times?  What is the current helpdesk support backlog?

12. How often are upgrades performed and are they included or extra?

Choose a software partner that does not charge extra for upgrades and check the downtime of upgrades.  Do you need to re-configure the software after an upgrade? Ask for the most recent release notes to check for quality.


By asking these critical questions, you’ll be better equipped to choose the right engineering software for your hotel. Specialized software designed for the hotel industry can make a significant difference in terms of efficiency, guest satisfaction, and resource management. Make an informed decision to elevate your hotel’s operations.



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