Sidekick and ESCAP just got better!

We are thrilled to announce a number of new exciting features which we have added to our flagship products, Sidekick and ESCAP. You can now unlock additional productivity benefits, and provide even greater guest experiences! 

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Multi-Property / Portfolio Management

View and report across all properties in your portfolio, and conduct group-wide analysis. Easily navigate between properties in the same instance of the application, and provide team members with access to only those properties they look after.

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Energy module

Record and report on your daily energy usage, down to the individual appliance. Track performance over time and identify areas of inefficiency and improvement. Generate automatic usage and cost alerts when thresholds are exceeded. Automatically schedule energy readings on a regular basis.

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Housekeeping module

Provide housekeepers, supervisors and managers with the ability to view and update housekeeping room status from any mobile device.

This module works in conjunction with the existing maintenance management module and can be integrated with a range of PMS platforms.

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Asset Management & Capital Planning

Asset Valuation information (acquisition cost, depreciation, book value etc) is now available at the property level. This reporting functionality provides alignment to the balance sheet and assists in the Capital Planning process by allowing to measure asset-related costs to the Net Book Value of each asset, and rank accordingly.


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QR Code & Barcode Support

Generate and print labels for all assets and inventory or use existing QR codes / barcodes. This delivers the ultimate in asset and stock control and makes the creation and completion of work orders fast and efficient.

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Enhanced mobile interface

An updated user experience to make it easier to use and simple for anyone to understand.

Offline mode is automatically activated when connectivity is absent or poor, addressing a common issue in hotels and facilities.

Budgets and Actuals icon

Budgets & Actuals

Asset management & maintenance capability has been greatly extended through the introduction of Budget and Actuals reporting. This information, available in both desktop and mobile views, allows all authorised users to monitor and manage costs to budget either at a property or department level.

Costs can be further drilled down into to help the user understand why costs may vary to budget, and then conduct further analysis.

Maintenance icon

Enhanced Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance (Planned Work) now offers different views for users to access maintenance routines and perform planned work processes.

Some of those have been available to selected clients for some time, and have now been released to our entire client base.

Contact us to discuss how these new functionalities can benefit your organisation and understand licensing options.

Contact us now and experience the power of our solutions for yourself

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